We find the silver lining in delicate legal and business matters

We are business lawyers deploying top level legal expertise in risk management scenarios across many traditional fields and industries. On top of our specialized legal knowledge, we offer tech-assisted solutions to solo entrepreneurs, teams and businesses of all sizes. We invest our time, talent and tools to help clients with legal risk management in all stages of their journey to success.


Business Dispute Resolution

Are you or your company facing the prospect of being part of a litigious matter and need to evaluate your chances of success and get proper assistance? Get in touch with us if you need help with the assessment of your options and strategies for settling or resolving the matter in the best possible manner.

We provide guidance in evaluating your rights and best defenses, in sorting out between the various ways of pursuing your claims or asserting your defenses, while making sure you understand the risks and keep costs at manageable level.


Advisory services: Startups

Are you an early stage or expanding business recently launched in a new market or industry?

Talk to us about your business idea, development plans or increasingly complex legal matters. We provide assistance with corporate workstreams, negotiating and managing investment rounds and exits, sorting out intellectual property and competition matters, as well as dispute resolution in any context.


Advisory services: SMEs

Are you an established small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) that needs support with ongoing legal matters?

We help manage corporate matters, simple or complex contracting processes with private or public entities, sort out taxation, banking or financing matters and all sorts of disputes. The tech-assisted ELA solutions simplify contracting processes, optimize productivity and help adapt to digital legal tools.


Advisory services: Corporations

Do you represent a large corporate organization dealing with complex legal and business matters?

We team up for high stakes projects to help deal with crisis scenarios or to prevent a crisis from happening. This often involves delicate data protection, investigation, M&A, audit, insolvency or litigation matters. Our tech-assisted ELA solutions bring efficiency and boost productivity in complex matters.