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Arbitration Award Potentially in Breach of EU State Aid Rules

Could an arbitration award be found in violation of the EU State aid rules? Apparently, it could.

ASGS’s €672.5 Billion Program Turns Med Urgency into Opportunity

The Eu Commission has published this month a strategic guidance for the application of the Recovery and Resilience Facility program in its 2021 Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy (ASGS). The economic facility is meant for the economic policy challenges and should also enable Member States to strengthen their economic growth potential, job creation and economic and social resilience by providing €672.5 billion in financial support.
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The Schrems II Case: Latest developments and opinions on Privacy Shield and Model Clauses

Data controllers who transfer data to the US from the EU have been following the proceedings in Ireland & Schrems case.

Danaher Acquires GE Healthcare Life – Commission Gives OK with Conditions

The European Commission has approved this month, under the EU Merger Regulation, the proposed acquisition of General Electric's Healthcare Life Sciences Biopharma Business by Danaher Corporation. The approval is conditional on the divestiture of a remedy package.

EU Commission Approves Big State Supported Investments in Battery Research and Innovation

The European Commission has approved under EU State aid rules an Important Project of Common European interest (“IPCEI”) jointly notified by Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Sweden to support research and innovation in the common European priority area of batteries.
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Draft of e-Privacy Regulation Rejected!

This is a follow up on our prior posting in regard of the status of adoption of the EU ePrivacy Regulation. On 22 November, the Permanent Representatives Committee of the Council of the European Union (COREPER) rejected the Council’s position on a draft ePrivacy Regulation.

Data (as The New Oil), Privacy, and Competition Policies

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) had its European Congress in Brussels, on 20 – 21 November 2019. The highest profile key note speaker of the Congress was the European Commissioner for Competition, Mrs. Margrethe Vestager, who spoke to the Congress on 21 November.

Romanian CEC Bank Recapitalisation Cleared by EU Commission

Romania has been planning the recapitalization of CEC Bank for a long time. CEC Bank is currently the seventh largest bank in Romania and is fully owned by the Romanian state since 1864. During the last ten years, the Romanian state had three attempts to inject capital in the bank, the first two of them failing (in 2009 and 2016). This time the government plans to raise the capital of the bank by two thirds, through an injection of circa €200 million.

New IRS Taxation Guidance on Cryptocurrency

IRS has just issued a new guidance on the taxation of cryptocurrency. It is its second since 2014 and it is to be expected that other nations, including some which are part of the European Union, would follow closely any guidance the US may provide in the area of crypto taxation and may follow course.

EU Commission: Guidance on Non-Performing Loans

Banks lend money. The loans they make perform well, in general. Sometimes they don’t and banks’ balance-sheets become over-burdened by non-performing loans. This phenomenon causes huge imbalances in the operation and performance of the affected bank itself and sometimes threatens the very existence of such bank. And when banks fail there is a threat to society at large. State Aid is one form of state intervention to redress the situation.

The CLOUD Act: Impact on International Law Enforcement

The Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act or “CLOUD Act” is a United States federal law enacted in 2018 on access to data by foreign governments. It is generally viewed as an act which serves to strengthen the case for cross-border government surveillance.
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e-Privacy Regulation: 2020?

On June 7 the EU telecom ministers met in Brussels to discuss the progress of the proposed e-Privacy Regulation (ePR). There was no remarcable progress to speak of. Meanwhile, the presidency of the EU’s Council of the Ministers rotated to Finland and new promises are made that year 2020 will set in with a new e-Privacy Regulation. But hopes remain low.