What is Legal Matter Management?

For us, it means two things: first, managing traditional legal taks that our clients refer to us to the best of our abilities in our fields of Expertise — see our Option 1 offer below. Second, it also means that we help in-house legal and business teams establish digitally ready and data-driven legal departments — see our Option 2 offer below.

Overall, to improve legal matter management, we combine our traditional skillset with technology tools from our portfolio. As a result, we offer clients top quality and highly transparent legal services.

Option 1:

Let Us Manage Your Legal Matters

Outsource your legal matters to us, so that we can:

  • Provide expert insights in traditional legal fields including corporate law, bank & finance, real estate, litigation, taxation, insolvency, regulatory, competition and M&A;
  • Help prioritize work by quantifying and sorting the work according to risk profile and complexity;
  • Ensure appropriate staffing and workloads aligned with actual resource demands for each matter; and
  • Map out and identify places where low-impact legal work could be automated.

We take full charge and responsibility of the matters outsourced to us. We also provide visibility and insight into our work process to make sure that in-house legal resources are spent on the right projects and workstreams.

Option 2:

Ask for Our Guidance in Corporate Legal Operations

We consult with our corporate clients to understand the challenges they face in managing everyday legal tasks. Then we jointly explore processes and tools that help:

  • Improve the intake of tasks by the legal department;
  • Identify work that should be automated, eliminated or managed elsewhere;
  • Manage the legal budget and allocate costs to business units;
  • Handle external firms, including fees, deadlines and quality; and
  • Enable internal reporting and better communication with the business departments.

With the right processes and tools in place, legal teams can become a veritable strategic asset within corporations, better suited to create corporate value.